A WiFi HotSpot Internet Access Station For Your Brand

People want to be connected. They want to, as much as possible and as free as possible.  An increasing list of brands and chains offer free Wi-Fi in its stores. Starbucks and McDonald’s rolled out free Wi-Fi to nearly all of its restaurants across the USA and of course, Europe is only a hop away.


From Starbucks Vice President of Digital Ventures Adam Brotman, who revealed intimate details around the vision behind their SDN (Starbucks Digital Network), we learned that computer users spend about one hour per visit on Wi-Fi while mobile users stick around for 15 minutes per web session.


Offering wireless access with your branded access page

The experience goes beyond a great service to make your customers happy. With every HotSpot Station comes a uniquely branded homepage, which we can offer you as a member of EnforceIT, branded by Bartelbe. With every (free or paid) login at your HotSpot Station, your customers are embedded into your brand, which will be associated with the great service you are providing for them.


Horeca WiFi Access

Where brands tend to provide free internet access to promote their services, providing hotspot internet access as a paid service is part of the business model for hotels and restaurant chains.  Our HotSpot Access Station can nicely be configured to provide a free testing time (e.g. 10 minutes), before paying for the service. Also bandwith consumption limits can be set, to make sure every customer has the same experience.  This is how you make sure to have no questions asked satisfied customers.  When they decide that they like your service, they can pay directly through your specifically priced PayPal serviced ticketing service, which is included in our solution.


Freedom, Service and Control

Everybody can access our HotSpot Access Station without the need to know or having to change their IP address. That is freedom indeed. You control the web pages your users can access without having to buy an access ticket. This is the absolute proof that their internet access works on their computer or wireless device before they pay for a ticket.
As a service to prevent a ticket from being consumed without surfing, the system will automatically log off a non-consuming user.


You can order your HotSpot Access Station starting from 440 EUR+BT as a do-it-yourself package or in serviced installlation with a branded homepage for 790 EUR+BTW at EnforceIT.be

Hotspot Access Point Station
Hotspot Access Point Station
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